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Power Systems:

Generac II

Why should you worry about your electricity?

Generac II

Guardian Systems:

Generac II
  • Protection

   No one likes to think about catastrophes, especially when it concerns family and home. We all want a beautiful, worry-free environment for our selves and belongings.

   Generac II Pre-Packaged Emergency Power Systems are designed with this in mind.

   At the first hint of a power outage, this compact, high-preformance generator starts up automatically through Generac's automatic transfer switch. Within seconds, it assumes production of electricity for your home or business - regardless of how long the power is out.

Your home or business may depend on electricity for ferigeration, computers, office equipment, air conditioning, heating, communications, cooking, security systems, appliances or machinery. The Generac II emergency power generator keeps thoses systems running smoothly and helps prevent injury or loss in the event of a power outage.

  • Practical

   Automatic emergency power systems have been available for years. These were inherently too large and expensive for your application.

Generac has taken automatic emergency power systems to the next level. Redesigned for you and with your application in mind, Generac II Emergency Power Systems are high-performance, practical protection.  They can be integrated into the construction of a new building or retro-fitted for older structures, both at an affordable price.

Generac II's compact design makes installation and maintenance easy.  The unit can be tucked away just about anywhere, inside or out and takes up about the same amount of space of a central air unit.  And to make preventive servicing as simple as possible, the systems are designed for single-sided serviceability and user friendliness for changing oil, reading gauges, running tests and the like.

Blends into landscape

  • Performance

Generac II is the most powerful, fully automatic, enclosed generator of its size available anywhere.  The liquid-cooled models deliver up to 25,000 watts of backup electric power and the air-cooled model produces up to 8,000 watts. That's enough electricity for most homes and small to medium sized businesses.  They are quiet, reliable, and loaded with special features:

  • Automatic engine start/stop
  • Automatic electric load transfer to the "live" source of electricity
  • Automatic 7-day exerciser ensures system is ready for any emergency
  • Overspeed / low oil / high temperature / low coolant level (liquid-cooled only) shutdowns and anti-overcrank protects the engine during extended power outages
  • Battery charger keeps engine starting circuit ready under any conditions
  • Main circuit breaker protects the generator from overload
  • Hourmeter monitors operating time for scheduled preventive maintence
  • Permanent

Generac II Emergency Power Systems are available with a state-of-the-art automatic transfer switch (standard on air-cooled models). Located next to your electrical main, the transfer switch monitors incomming utility voltage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

   When a break in your electrical service occurs, the switch immediately signals the generator to power up. It safely closes off the utility line and simultaneously opens up a new power line from the generator. Quickly smoothly, powerfully, Generac II begins delivering electricty.

   Within seconds, your home or business is back to normal.  The only difference: now you are generating your own electricity from your own private power plant.

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