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  Power Systems
Rental Features
  • Engines

     Unmatched reliability and smooth-running operation are key reasons Generac, Isuzu, and John Deere engines are utilized in Generac GR Series Generators. Their fuel-efficient, low-maintenance design engines meet today's emissions regulations. And their quiet and dependable power will make them popular at the job site.

  • Generators

     Generac built generators provide state-of-the-art reliability and long life. Revolving field alternators are quality-wound, fully insulated, drip proof and self-ventilated. Oversized generators provide additional power when the need arises. Generator windings utilize Class H insulation with anti-fungal coating for protection in tropical and caustic environments.

  • Brushless Generator Design

     Brushless generator design reduces service and maintenance requirements.

  • Simultaneous High and Low Voltage,
    1 and 3 Phase

     The ability to offer simultaneous high and low 1 and 3 Phase voltage offers versatility in utilization of generator output.

  • Warning Lights and Automatic Safty Shutdowns

     Warning lights provide early warning to operator of possible problems. Standard shutdowns protect generator from potentially damaging situations and include high engine temperature, overspeed, low oil pressure and low coolant level.

  • Sound Attenuated/Weather Resistant Enclosure

     Sound attenuated insulation and 12-gauge steel keeps your generator operating quietly while the weather resistant enclosure protects it from the elements.

  • Special Enclosure Features

     Special enclosure features include heavy-duty stainless steel hinges and recessed key-locking door handles that keep doors shut tight and are built to last.

  • Instrumentation


Voltage Regulator Control
Phase Selector Switch
Frequency Meter
Pilot Light
Circuit Breaker


Oil Pressure Gauge
Water Temp. Gauge
Start Switch
Preheat Switch
Emergency Shutdown
Fault Indicator

  • Voltage Regulation

     Solid state, frequency compensated, 1% voltage regulation. Maintains excellent stability even during changing load conditions.

  • Heavy-duty Single Point Lifting Eye

     Heavy-duty single point lifting eye standard on every model for easy handling of unit.

  • Automatic-Start System

     GR units come standard with two-wire automatic start hookup on voltage control panel.

  • Drain Extensions

     Handy oil and coolant drain extensions are provided to assist regular maintenance.

Control Panel 

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