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Modern Engine Technology

The whole range of Generac large generators is based around modern, fuel efficient, four stroke industrial engines giving maximum performance and life for the generating set.

Electronic Isochronous Governor

Controls engine speed to give a constant frequency, steady state speed regulation is better than 0.5% from no-load to full-load. Gives optimum transient frequency response on heavy load application and rejection.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Controls generator output voltage to give a constant voltage, steady state voltage regulation is +/- 1% from no-load to full-load.  The regulator has an under frequency roll off characteristic, which droops the output voltage when the generator speed is reduced (such as during motor starting or heavy load application). This reduces the active load on the generator and allows greater step loads to be recovered.

Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) Excitation Option

All machines is this range are available with PMG excitation as an option, PMG excitation provides superior performance during transient load conditions and with non-linear loads (such as rectifier, UPS and electronic motor starter loads).  The AVR supplied with the PMG option features three phase sensing.

Control System

Comprehensive engine monitoring and control facilities are available from the various control panels available, all units include - low oil pressure protection, high coolant temperature protection and low coolant level detection. Over speed, start-failure and loss of speed sensing are also standard. All units are arranged for automatic or manual operation with cyclic cranking for reliable operation. Higher specification panels include digital metering, pre alarms and under/over frequency and voltage protections. Plant battery monitoring is also available. All control panel options are easily interchangeable and upgradeable.

Communication Facilities

Generac's latest range of innovative control systems include industry standard RS-232 and RS-485 serial communications using the Generac Genlink™ remote communications protocol. Optional modem communication facilities and remote Rampower™ communication software is also available.

Optional Automatic Transfer Switch

Generac manufactures and supplies a wide range of UL1008 Automatic Transfer Switches rated from 100 to 2600 Amps.


All service points are brought out to the perimeter of the frame for easy access and maintenance.

Base Tank Option

UL listed above ground base-tanks, in both single and double-wall construction are available for all models.

Vibration Isolation

Adjustable rubber anti-vibration mounts are supplied as standard, when correctly adjusted better than 80% isolation can be achieved.  For greater isolation optional spring type AVM's are available.

Cooling System

A closed loop pressurized system is employed, with internal stabilizing tank. Rusting, oxidization and fluid acidity are therefore minimized. All units are shipped with 45 C (113 F) ambient temperature rated radiator.

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